Asian soups experience a great boom

Not only in major cities, but also in the suburbs restaurants experience this boom. But are you aware of the difference between Ramen and Pho a Bun?Asian soups experience a great boom. Not only in major cities, but also in the suburbs restaurants experience this boom. But are you aware of the difference between Ramen and Pho a Bun?

I asked Linh this question, the owner of the restaurant BUN KITCHEN, who will open his restaurant located at Černá Labuť soon.

You will offer in Černá labuť Bún soups. What is the difference between Ramen, Pho and Bún?
The biggest difference between ramen and pho is the stock and ingredients. Ramen is a Japanese adaptation of Chinese wheat noodles, the stock is often made from pork bones, whereas Pho is a type of traditional Vietnamese rice noodles, the base is usually made from beef and scented with star anise, cinnamon and charred ginger. While Ramen and Pho are both soup based noodles, Bún comes with more varieties. As an instance, our signature bún is a type of dry rice noodles mixed with great variety of vegetables as well as a selection of meat, it goes well with beef, pork, shrimps, even Vegan like Tofu. Bún not only brings the fabulous flavours but also balances the nutritions of meat and vegetables.

Which is better? Pho, Ramen or Bún?
I wouldn’t say anyone is better, Pho and Ramen are both great, just different in cooking methods. However, from my perspective, Ramen soup is darker, Pho soup is much more clear and richer in flavours due to the different way of cooking stock. Also, pho is quite balanced in nutrients and lower in calories. And Bún? Join us in the Bún Kitchen restaurant in Černá labuť and try for yourself 🙂

You are Vietnamese native, but you have lived in Switzerland for the past years. How do you come up with the idea to open a restaurant in Prague?
I loved all the hustle&bustle of city life in Vietnam and I certainly enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland but it was Prague where I found the balance between these two elements and it made me choose to settle down and live my life here without hesitation. I graduated from one of the Hospitality school in Switzerland, has been working in F&B industry since then, to bring the food I love to Europe and build up my own restaurant has always been one of my dreams. Prague welcomes numerous tourists from all of the world, I am sure it is the city that I can combine traditional Vietnamese cuisine with the modern life style.

Your first feeling about Prague?
I would love to say I was really impressed by the beauty of Prague as the first time I visited Prague. Also, Prague has a great potential in Economy and the city is very inclusive, you can see people with different nationalities work very hard here to fulfil their dreams, and mostly importantly, Prague is willing to gives the opportunities no matter where you come from.

Bún Kitchen Restaurant in Černá labuť, Na Poříčí 25. Open daily from 30th of August, from 10 am—10 pm.





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